2018 Glimpses

Some of the sights of 2018

Can I Find This Art?

Seen Somewhere


Here's a wall of graffiti that I really, really want to see in person. But I have no idea where it is. Can you help me find it?

World Map of Flowers 1968 National Geographic

Flower Map

Another Gorgeous Map from National Geographic

What an intriguing and delightful way to depict plants around the globe. I'm a kinda-avid flower-scrutinizer, along with enjoying birds and insects in that regional way. Since the Art Atlas is a guide to art found in a given locale, I'll add flower art to my Atlas List of potential imagery. Juicy. 

Shall I?

The ultimate contents of the Art Atlas remain to be decided. How about flowers, regionally, found in local art?

Parts of the Route: Places We Can Go


So Many Art Islands to Visit

How does a person create a route when what they're going to see has yet to be seen? Discuss. 

Art-O-Mat Helps

Discovered Art-O-Mat at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. Hey, Ho, why don't we all go! A 5 dollar bill gets you a whole selection to choose from. Heaven. Here I come, Art-O-Mats!


These dedicated people who hold together a very large and growing global community of art, artists, and other participants. Yes, we'll be visiting. It's a web, you know. 

More to Come

Much, much more.